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SUP Rental – Sea Thru Paddleboard

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Half Day Stand Up Paddleboard
Full Day Stand Up Paddleboard

SUP Rental – Sea Thru Paddleboard

Paddleboard like never before with our completely transparent SUPs. Take the island’s favorite pastime up to a whole new level. Explore and discover the rich and diverse Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve with unlimited visibility beneath your feet. Take a self-guided tour of the multiple bays comprising the national park all at your own pace. Paddle amongst the endangered mangrove trees or cut across the clear Caribbean waters while spotting the wildlife, birdwatching, and marine life all abundant in the area. Our self-guided tour is available all day long, so set your own start time, duration, and pace. Set out for a beautiful eco tour, race the bay for some exercise, or find a quite spot for some yoga.

Our sea thru SUPs offer a unique way to paddle the National Park, but the unique transparent design is less forgiving for beginner and novice paddlers. We recommend beginner paddlers start with our other SUP options to gain a solid level of skill and comfort before jumping on the less forgiving sea thru SUPs.

*Please remember our sea thru SUPs cannot be taken ashore or to any beaches as they are damaged when ran aground. Check out our other SUP options for beach friendly boards.