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LED Moonlight Tour

An entirely new way to experience the bay

Quick Details

Experience the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve at night as you paddle under the moon-lit sky! While the rest of the island settles down, our reef protected bay comes to life! Explore this 1000 acre ecological preserve on a 2 hour guided kayak tour in a transparent ‘sea thru’ kayak rigged with LED lights for a view of the enchanting scenes hidden beneath the waves. Hear about rich local history while searching out the sea turtles, rays and jellyfish swimming right beneath your clear kayak

Adult per person
Children 5 - 17 years old

As the sun begins to set, join us for a memorable experience into the wonders of the historical, reef protected Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve!  This 2 hour guided tour through the largest remaining mangrove estuary in the US Virgin Islands combines the beauty of exploring one of St. Croix’s most treasured areas with the adventure and excitement of moon-lit kayaking in the Caribbean. Using a completely clear, transparent kayak- equipped with LED lights which illuminate the vast marine life right beneath you; we venture out into the bay on a truly unique quest for wildlife. Follow your guide as they lead you through several bays, into areas filled with sea turtles, jellyfish, bioluminescent planktons, rays and even jumping fish! Learn about rich local history as you paddle past locations such as where the island’s first inhabitants settled, and the very spot where Columbus arrived, while gathering information leading all the way up to what life on St. Croix is like today. Join us for the LED Moonlight Tour and leave feeling like a Crucian!

Call to hire a guide for a private tour!