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Sea Thru Kayaks VI LLC



Why Choose Us? The Difference is Clear!

We offer the widest range of kayaks to suit your party.  Choose a fully transparent boat to see the full bioluminescent light show roll beneath your transparent kayak! Select our glass bottom boat for a similar experience with higher weight limits, or select executive class and ride in the comfort of our sit-on-top boats without worrying about a weight limit

Sit On Top Kayak

Sit on Top Kayaks

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Glass Bottom Kayaks

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Our Transparent "Sea Thru" Kayaks

About Sea Thru Kayaks VI

Sea Thru Kayaks VI offers nighttime guided kayak tours of the bioluminescent bay on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Our tours launch from Salt River Marina at nightfall and utilize fully transparent “sea thru” kayaks to provide each guest with a uniquely unobstructed view of the waters around them, allowing each kayak to become fully immersed in the glowing bioluminescent wonder!

Come see for yourself why Sea Thru Kayaks is the only way to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the water below. After a trip with Sea Thru Kayaks VI, you’ll see St. Croix in a different light!

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Read Our Glowing Reviews!

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This is your sign - DO IT!!

Words can’t even bring to describe this experience. Decided to go on a solo paddle to see the bioluminescent bay and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Insanely gorgeous, really cool history of the island and the waters. Craig and Brett are the best!!

– Mercedes S., 11/2023, TripAdvisor
Well Organized

Tour was well organized, kayaks were comfortable. Our group used both the see through kayaks and the sit on top. The guides did a good job of pacing our group based on our ability. The bioluminescent bay was absolutely magical, highly recommend! Also, the trivia game at the end was fun, so pay attention to your guides!

– Chaille, 9/2023, Google
Friendly and Knowledgeable

Craig and his team greeted all the guests warmly and then explained what we were going to be doing in the bio-bay. Then we all boarded our kayak and paddled away through the waves to the bay. Jake , the lead guide, was super friendly and knowledgeable about our experience we were taking on. He is professional and passionate about the preservation of the bay. We all learned the why of maintaining the area as it provides purpose to our entire ecosystem.

– Scott B., 6/2023, Yelp
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Must Do When Visiting St. Croix!

Absolutely do this!!!! Such a magical experience! My kids (11 and 12) loved this! I was happy we went with the sea through kayaks. Favorite part of our trip to the Virgin Islands!

– Hilary D., 10/2023, TripAdvisor
Great Stewards of the Bay!

We took our friends on the bioluminescent tour last night. None of us had ever experienced anything like it. Brett and Jake, our guides, were fantastic. They were super chill and knowledgeable. They clearly love what they do and their passion for the bay makes the trip even more enjoyable. They had us play trivia at the end of the evening to see if people recalled what they taught us. Clearly people were listening as it was a competitive game and so much fun.... The bioluminescence of the bay was completely mind blowing. I can't explain how magical it is. This is an incredible planet we live on. It is hard to believe places like this exist. Sea Thru Kayaks is a great steward of the bay. We can't wait to go again!

– Raitman Art Galleries, 9/2023, Google
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Great guide, great time!

Had a great time with Jake for both the daytime Eco-tour and nighttime bioluminescent bay tour. Definitely highlights of our trip!!

– BK, 10/2023, TripAdvisor
bioluminescent algae in the pitch black

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is the emission of light created by a living organism. In the Salt River Bio Bay, you will experience the light-emitting phenomenon of the single-celled microorganisms called dinoflagellates. As the water is agitated by the passing of your transparent kayak, it will seem as if your entire boat is surrounded by glowing light.  Depending upon conditions, the bioluminescence may appear as a cloud of pixie dust, or a starry galaxy racing beneath you!

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