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Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour

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Sit-On-Top Adult
Transparent Kayak Adult

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Looking for a truly unique experience in St. Croix, VI? We offer the only completely see-through kayak tour that features the bioluminescence of the Salt River Bio Bay!

The tour starts by departing Salt River Marina and paddling 3/4 of a mile to the bioluminescent bay. Once inside the bay, our guides are eager to describe the wonders of the water and set you free for 45 minutes to explore this natural phenomenon…one of only seven full-time bioluminescent bays in the world!

As your kayak skims over the dark water, you are agitating billions of bioluminescent microorganisms, causing them to light up underneath you, engulfing the kayak in a beautiful glow! We are also the only tour operator that allows you to explore on your own, so you can truly immerse yourself in this amazing natural phenomenon.

For your safety, a guide is always stationed at the exit of the bay to ensure you don’t inadvertently leave or get lost, and a second guide will roam with you inside the bay, leaving you undisturbed unless you have questions or want to know more about the bay and its inhabitants.

  • Each kayak is equipped with a glow stick, to ensure the guides can see where you are. Each guide’s kayak is equipped with a light mast.
  • You are provided a clean Coast Guard approved life vest, and a short kayaking introduction and instructions prior to the tour.
  • The majority of our customers have never kayaked before. Kayaking or boating experience is not necessary.
  • If the customer requests to abandon the tour and return to the marina, or if the guide determines that a guest is affecting the safety of the group, there will be no refund.

Please Note: Your party cannot have more children than adults and all children must be in a kayak with an adult. Please give us a call to discuss arrangements prior to booking if your party has more children than adults.

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