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Kayak Rental – Glass Bottom Kayak

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Half Day Single Glass Bottom Kayak
Full Day Single Glass Bottom Kayak
Half Day Tandem Glass Bottom Kayak
Full Day Tandem Glass Bottom Kayak

Kayak Rental – Glass Bottom Kayak

Grab a transparent glass bottom kayak for the day to explore and discover the rich and diverse Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Preserve the moment your paddles touch the water. Take a self-guided tour of the multiple bays comprising the national park all at your own pace. Paddle amongst the endangered mangrove trees or cut across the clear Caribbean waters while spotting the wildlife, birdwatching, and marine life all abundant in the area.

Our self-guided tour is available all day long, so set your own start time, duration, and pace. Our glass bottom kayaks offer an unparalleled view into the watery world beneath you. Experience the underwater beauty of the island without even getting wet. The entire Salt River Bay is protected waters and encompassed by national park lands, offering safe and calm conditions, and unparalleled history and nature.

Online booking slots are at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00.  If you wish to start earlier than 10:00 AM, please call the office to schedule your rental – we are happy to accommodate any start time you would like.

Glass Bottom Kayak Features:

  • Entire bottom of kayak is transparent, unlimited view beneath your kayak
  • Lower weight ratings* Single person Glass Bottom Kayak – Designed for smaller paddlers, maximum weight capacity 200lbs, Two person Glass Bottom Kayak, Maximum weight capacity 425lbs
  • Not to be used for beaching* or dragging ashore, glass bottom kayaks must remain afloat during use

*For higher weight capacities and kayaks able to be beached and dragged ashore, check out our rental selection of sit on top Ocean Kayaks